Internet of Things

By 2030, the number of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices worldwide will reach 29 billion.

Revolutionizing Business Operations with IoT: Unlocking the Power of Connected Devices and Data Analysis.

At NewWay Systems, we understand the importance of IoT (Internet of Things) in today’s digital landscape. Our team of experts specializes in providing comprehensive IoT solutions for businesses of all sizes.

We help businesses to connect and automate processes through the integration of IoT devices, sensors, and software. Our IoT solutions can help businesses to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

Our services include IoT strategy development, device and sensor integration, IoT platform development, and IoT data analytics. We work with a variety of IoT platforms such as AWS IoT, Azure IoT, and Google IoT to ensure that our solutions are scalable, secure, and reliable.

We also provide IoT Security Solutions to help businesses protect their IoT devices and data from cyber threats. Our team of experts can help businesses to implement security measures such as device authentication, encryption, and network segmentation to secure their IoT infrastructure.

In addition to our IoT development services, we also offer IoT consulting and support to help businesses navigate the rapidly evolving IoT landscape. Our team can help businesses to identify new IoT opportunities and develop a plan to take advantage of them.

Connected Devices and Sensors

Data Collection and Analysis

Remote Monitoring and Control

Automation and Control of Industrial Processes

Predictive Maintenance

Smart Home and Building Automation

Smart Energy Management

Smart Transportation and Logistics

Smart Healthcare

Smart City Planning and Management

Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

Environmental Monitoring

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)