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Software Testing

Smartphones have a huge outreach. And Windows Phone commands a respectable figure of the total users. Apart from having a huge user base, Windows apps offer immersive compatibility with PC. Having your business app on the Windows Platform has the additional advantage of integration with Windows PC.

Business is basically about two things: Profit and Loss.

  • Business’ aim is to make money through sales.
  • Business’ find new ways for cost cutting to improve the profit margin.
Why Waste Money into Testing?
  • Testing discovers if critical functionality works or not. This helps the company to judge the viability of the product.
  • It provides palpable results that can be utilised to sell the product.
  • Certification can provide the business a selling point. It helps your system to be be perceived as reliable.
How can we help?
  • “Prevention is Better than Cure”. Everybody knows that! Similarly, early fault detection reduces the cost of fault detection. The implementation cost and the cost of re-development is much more minimised if the defect is found earlier.
  • New Way Sys employs thorough metrics like root case analysis to deliver the efficiencies in the software development process.
  • Our proven track record in software testing forms the basis of our defect reports, metrics and results that assist IT Project Managers to do their jobs efficiently.

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