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Mobile Application Testing

The Smartphone industry is thriving. And that’s a good thing – But owing to the multiple platforms and tens of thousands of mobile devices available on the market, how do you ensure that your application is an absolute Top-Notch? Along with unique and seamless functionality, your app must enchant the users each and every time they pick up their phone to use it.

NewWay Software ensures that in this ultra-competitive digital world, you come out on top in terms of mobile app quality.

Sadly, we do not live in a world of perfect connectivity, finite devices and updated operating systems. Our “Primitive Testing” of your app ensures that your app also works well in real life situations. Our Primitive Testing features include testing in the following environments: 1. On a Host of Different Devices

There are a wide range of Mobile Devices available in the market, and loads of new ones are released with each passing day. We ensure that we test your app not only on different devices, but also on real devices. Responses of Real Mobile devices with actual touch screens are much different than those of a Simulator or clicks of mouse.

2. On Location

Mobile Apps depend a lot on their network connectivity. Using the app form locations offering low connectivity, may help record some observations that are unfavourable, but will go a long way in helping us build better apps for you.

3. Operating Systems

Every single device that may use your app may not have the latest version of the operating system installed. Some Android Users may not even have access to the latest version. How will your app behave on an older OS version? Well, you pay us to find out exactly that and SOLVE it.

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