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Automation Testing

The Quality and Analysis Group has a tough job – the increasing complexities of software and the reduced product development lifecycle has made Automation Testing, a mandatory thing.

Our testing experts take the uncertainty out of product quality. We believe that Functionality, Performance and adequate Security, together complete the complicated recipe that Software Testing is.

Hence, we employ this 3-pronged approach

1. Functional Testing
Bug fixing amount to huge cost of the software development cost. With each project, we follow meticulously prepared steps of requirement analysis, project planning, scheduling, tests planning, team finalization, execution, honest assessment and follow-up. This rigorous exercise ensure bug-free end-products at the earliest time.

2. Performance Testing
Performance is the second pillar of Product Quality. We help clients to not only test their app performance to reach optimum levels, but also ensure to monitor it at regular intervals

3. Security
Our team of expert testers, will check to see if your application is vulnerable to attacks or not. We cover these basic areas during security testing of your app:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Authentication
  • Availability
  • Authorization, and
  • Non-Repudiation
We provide Manual as well as Automated Testing.

At NewWay Software, our software testers are trained in commercial as well as open source test automation tools. We implement data and keyword driven test automation using the framework derived from years of industry experience working with automation projects using various tools like Selenium, TestNG, Cucumber, Maven, Jenkins, Ranorex and Tellurium.

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